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Baseball Winter Meetings Begin

06 December, 2016

Baseball Winter Meetings begin this week in Washington D.C., and the events happening during this week will greatly affect a number of MLB teams. One week of the MLB and the MLBPA agreed on a new collective bargaining agreement, good through 2021, it is now time for the Annual Baseball Winter Meetings. Events happening this week include the PBEO Job Fair, an opportunity for job seekers to meet with team representatives and even interview for any jobs available.  Hey, most of these jobs ar [...]

NFL Injury Reports

01 November, 2016

NFL injury reports come out each week on the Friday before a Sunday game, and lately those reports have been quite interesting. Just this last week, fifty-nine players were listed on the NFL injury reports as “out” of that Sunday’s game, and another twenty-two were listed as “questionable.”  One team, the Seattle Seahawks, had seven starters out for the game against New Orleans.  Read that again . . . seven starters! What’s up with all these injuries of late?  Is the NFL [...]

What Happens At Baseball Winter Meetings?

25 October, 2016

The Baseball Winter Meetings happen every winter during the offseason, usually the first week of December.  In 2016 the MLB Winter Meetings will occur on December 4-8 at the Gaylord National Resort & Convention Center in National Harbor, Maryland.  Each year the location is in a different city, usually an MLB city. The Winter Meetings date back to 1876, the very first off-season of the National League, but they became an annual event starting in 1901. At the Winter Meetings, represen [...]

How to Avoid Relocation Stress

18 October, 2016

Relocation stress is real.  We all feel it in different ways and at different levels, but the reality is, still, that we all feel it and it does have an effect on all of us. Relocation stress does not, however, have to be paralyzing.  There are ways to deal with it, lessen it, and help you get through it during your relocation.  Check out these suggestions: When possible, provide adequate time for planning and executing your relocation move. Organize, organize, and organize some mo [...]

Athlete Relocation Compensation

11 October, 2016

  We were recently asked this question about athlete relocation compensation and decided it was a good one to cover on our blog. The question was: if an athlete is traded to another team, is he compensated for moving costs and for the possible loss on a home sale or lease? It’s a good question and it’s a situation which comes up quite often.  Oftentimes, when trades occur, an athlete is required to pick up and leave his current home immediately. This, as you might suspect, can ca [...]

October Athlete Relocation News

04 October, 2016

October may well be the most active month for athlete relocation news.  The NFL season is into Week #5.  The NBA and NHL have both just begun their seasons.  MLB is now entering the playoff portion of their season.  And all of this means, not only entertainment for hundreds of thousands of sports fans, but also a continual inflow and outflow of athletes involving athlete relocations. Yes, professional athletes make a ton of money, but they also live a rather tenuous life, never really kno [...]

Recent NBA Retirements

27 September, 2016

It’s been quite a year for NBA retirements. First it was Kobe Bryant.  Then it was Tim Duncan.  Then Kevin Garnett announced he was hanging them up.  And now word has arrived that Paul Pierce will be leaving the NBA after this upcoming season, his nineteenth season and second with the Los Angeles Clippers. Pierce has always been the ultimate showman, quite comfortable in the limelight, more than willing to take the crucial shot when the game was on the line, so it seems only natural t [...]

Baseball Playoff Rosters

13 September, 2016

With less than twenty regular season games remaining in the 2016 MLB season, you’ll hear a great deal of talk in coming days about teams setting their baseball playoff rosters, so we thought we would take a moment to explain this process. Baseball playoff roster eligibility is determined by the following criteria: Any player on the 25-man major league roster Any player on the disabled list Any players on the suspended list Any player on the bereavement leave list Any player [...]

A New NFL Season Begins

06 September, 2016

The new NFL season kicks off September 8th, this coming Thursday, with a repeat of last year’s Super Bowl, the Denver Broncos vs the Carolina Panthers.  The fifty-three man rosters are set; the eight man practice squads are set; now what happens? Well one thing we know for sure is the jockeying for talent does not stop with the beginning of the regular season.  Each NFL team, in the last week, dropped twenty-five players.  Multiply that times 32 teams and you have a very large pool of pl [...]

MLB Free Agency Classifications

30 August, 2016

Let’s continue our talk about MLB Free Agency Classifications because, quite frankly, it can be a bit confusing for many sports fans. Prior to November, 2011, MLB free agents were classified as either Type A, Type B, or unclassified free agents.  Type A free agents were in the top 20% of all players based on the previous two seasons.  Type B free agents were those in the next 20%, and unclassified free agents were those remaining in the bottom 60% of players. Teams that lost a Type A f [...]