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NFL Playoff Picture Muddled Heading To Week 17

27 December, 2017

NFL Playoff pictures are notoriously out-of-focus heading into the final week of the regular season, but for some reason 2017 seems to be particularly hard to clarify. It’s not so much the division leaders who are in question, but rather those vying for a wild card berth.  In the AFC, four teams fight for two spot, and in the NFC the Seattle Seahawks are hoping for a late Christmas present from Carolina. Here’s how it all shakes out: In the AFC, we know for a fact New England, Pitt [...]

Vacation Rentals: Tis the Season

19 December, 2017

Vacation rentals for professional athletes and entertainers is just one of the services we provide here at Sports Relocation, Inc. We recognize the need for seclusion and anonymity, as well as the need for a high-quality vacation rental away from the maddening crowd.  You play hard, you earned your money during the playing season, and now it’s time for you to relax. Yes, you could go to a five-star hotel.  There certainly is no shortage of them in any vacation destination you can name. [...]

MLB Winter Meetings Have Hit The Ground Running

12 December, 2017

MLB Winter Meetings have hit the ground running this week in Orlando, a complete on-eighty from the way these meetings are usually conducted. Normally the MLB Winter Meetings are fairly predictable.  All MLB teams go to the meetings with a shopping list. They all have a fairly good idea what they want and what they are willing to give up to gain what they want.  The meetings are used as sort of a feeling-out process, where general managers lay the groundwork for future trades, which usually [...]

Thanksgiving Wishes To All Of You

21 November, 2017

Thanksgiving wishes to all of you, from our staff to your family, a simple statement, but one which carries a great amount of gratefulness. When we began this company, Sports Relocation, Inc., it was on a wing and a prayer.  We had a reputation in the real estate world, we had a few contacts, but other than that we had zero credibility in the relocation business.  What we offered our early clients was a reputation for honesty, diligence, discreetness, and hard work. It was enough! Som [...]

2017 NFL Trade Deadline Fast Approaching

24 October, 2017

2017 NFL trade deadline is Oct. 31 at 4 p.m. ET, and the rumors are flying fast and furious about NFL transactions, which is always amusing since most teams do not complete trades in the mid-season.  Still, most teams are still in the hunt for the playoffs, and injuries have left quite a few teams with some gaping holes in talent, so anything is possible. Some squads will still try to shop veteran players to clear out cap space or because of productivity. Like every year, there are several t [...]

Shohei Otani Offers Unique Free Agent Case Study

10 October, 2017

Shohei Otani, the Japanese superstar being labeled as the “Japanese Babe Ruth,” is most likely going to apply for free agency to play in the Major Leagues, ending a five-year career in the Japanese Professional Baseball Association.  If that does, indeed, happen, he will offer one of the most intriguing MLB free agent  cases we have seen in quite awhile in Major League Baseball. For several reason . . . Because Otani is still only 23, he can only be signed to a minor-league contract [...]

MLB Off-Season Work Begins Now!

03 October, 2017

MLB off-season began last Sunday for twenty of the thirty MLB teams.  Ten lucky, and skilled, teams go on to the playoffs; twenty teams begin looking at the reasons why they are not attending the post-season party. Trades and deals cannot be made in Major League Baseball until the end of the World Series, but that does not mean serious planning is not happening.  By this time of the year teams have already identified their major weaknesses and needs.  They are fully aware of their shortcom [...]

Postseason Rosters for MLB Playoff Teams

19 September, 2017

Postseason rosters for MLB playoff teams are chosen from the 40-man expanded roster which is set on August 31st each year. Prior to every postseason series, a manager must name his 25-man roster for that series, and that 25-man roster is picked from the 40-man expanded roster.  The only possibility of a change in the postseason roster can occur if there is an injury during the postseason series.  At that point, when the injure players is place on the DL, another player can be added to the p [...]

Relocation Professionals Network

12 September, 2017

Relocation professionals network . . . that’s what you get when you sign on with Sports Relocation, Inc. We are not one man serving the needs of many.  We are many professionals serving the needs of each customer, and that makes all the difference when it comes time for you to relocate to a new city. Our President and CEO, Ikem Chukumerije, sums it up perfectly: “We understand the importance of your relocation.  We know it is a stressful time, and we know it is unsettling.  Our j [...]

NFL Transactions: One Team, One Day, Thirty-One Lives Affected

05 September, 2017

NFL transactions continue as the final cuts for the 2017 season just occurred, bringing each team down to the mandated 53-man roster. One sentence quickly summarizing a flurry of activity.  To drive home this point, let’s take a look at the New York Giants and the transactions they put into motion on Sunday, September 3, 2017. The Giants acquired CB Ross Cockrell from Pittsburgh for a conditional 2018 draft pick.  They also place LB Mark Herzlich and DL Josh Banks on injured reserve.  [...]