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Financial Preparations for Life After Sports

17 October, 2017

Financial preparations for life after your playing days are over can be a daunting and yes, frightening, topic of discussion.  Not a single professional player that I know really wants to accept the inevitable, that his or her playing days could end tomorrow, but that is the reality all athletes face.  We were reminded of that fact this past Sunday when another pro football player sustained a career-ending injury, and several others were knocked out for the remainder of the season, including A [...]

Commercial Real Estate Investment Opportunities

01 October, 2015

We mentioned in an earlier post that a good athlete relocation agent works in concert with an athlete’s sports agent and financial advisors.  In other words, a good athlete relocation agent does much more than help the athlete move to a new city.  There is a much bigger picture that needs to be looked at and addressed. Most, if not all, athlete relocation agents are also real estate brokers.  Quite frankly that should be a requirement of any athlete relocation agent.  How else is an [...]

Types of Real Estate Investments

21 May, 2015

From a client the other day:  “Can you talk to me about the different types of real estate investments?” Well yes I can and yes I will. Real estate investments can be divided into income-producing and non-income producing investments.  Just as the name suggests, there is some real estate that will make you money (produce income), and those fall under four types:  offices, retail, industrial and leased residential.  All things considered, of those four, offices are probably the [...]