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2017 NFL Draft Winners and Losers

02 May, 2017

We hesitate to even write this article because, quite frankly, picking the 2017 NFL Draft winners and losers is like tossing a dart at a dartboard blindfolded.  What appears to be a great draft one day can blow up and disappear with one injury during training camp, and what looks like a miserable draft can turn into the stuff of legends (just ask the Seahawks Legion of Boom about drafts). However, what fun is the NFL Draft without some speculation?  For fans and observers, that is all we ar [...]

2017 NFL Draft in Two Weeks

19 April, 2017

2017 NFL Draft is rapidly approaching, a fact every single NFL executive is keenly aware of.  April 27-29 are the dates for the annual selection of college athletes, and the great shuffle of players which occurs every year immediately after the Draft. Who do the experts think will be picked in the opening round? If history is any indication, one would be just as accurate predicting by tossing a dart at a list of college athletes, but that won’t prevent us here at Sports Relocation, Inc. [...]

2017 NFL Draft

21 March, 2017

The 2017 NFL Draft is right around the corner, April 27-29, and we are here to give you a quick summary of what to expect. This will be the 82nd annual Draft for the National Football League, and this year it is being held in the Philadelphia Museum of Art, the first time the draft has been held in the City of Brotherly Love since 1961.  Interestingly, this will be the first time an entire NFL Draft is held outside as this year’s festivities will be announced from a portable theater built [...]

NFL Draft Order 2017

03 January, 2017

NFL Draft order for 2017 has been determined now that the regular season has ended, and the Number One pick overall will go to the Cleveland Browns.  The Browns narrowly beat out the San Francisco 49ers for the top pick in the NFL draft order. The rest of the draft order in the first round will go like this: #3 Chicago #4 Jacksonville #5 Tennessee #6 New York Jets #7 San Diego #8 Carolina Panthers #9 Cincinnati #10 Buffalo #11 New Orleans #12 Cleveland #13 Arizona #14 Indianapolis #15 Phi [...]

2014 NFL Draft Begins | Sports Relocation Inc

09 May, 2014

Thirty-two NFL teams. Seven draft picks each. Two hundred and twenty-four players chosen in three days, and the future of all teams hangs in the balance. Welcome to the NFL Draft, 2014 version. Who will be the big winners, and who will fall short of expectations? Those questions and more will be answered during seventy-two hours of controlled madness as coaches and team executives attempt to find, and select, the best college football talent available. The first round has been completed [...]

NFL Teams Preparing for 2016 Season

18 February, 2016

The Super Bowl and Senior Bowls are in the rearview mirror, but don’t think for a second all is quiet with NFL teams. With the Scouting Combine set for next week, February 23-29, and the NFL Draft scheduled for April 28-30, you can bet there is a great deal of activity in the various NFL team headquarters.  Franchise player designations were just named, and now teams are deciding which unrestricted free agents to offer contracts to; after that they must decide what to do with restricte [...]

2016 NFL Draft Approaches

06 April, 2016

One of the biggest events in professional sports that does not involve playing a game, the NFL Draft, begins April 28th and ends April 30th.  For a little over two days the sporting world will turn its attention to Chicago, Illinois, and watch as seven rounds of draft picks are chosen by the thirty-two NFL teams. When the smoke has cleared and the dust has settled, over 250 college football players will have been chosen.  From there, contracts will be signed, rookie training camps will hap [...]

Eight Days to the NFL Draft

20 April, 2016

253 draft picks are about to be announced to the sporting world as the NFL prepares for its annual NFL Draft being held April 28-30. The Tennessee Titans have already traded away the #1 pick in the draft to the Los Angeles Rams, and you can bet the house the Rams will be drafting a quarterback with that pick. So what other surprises are in store for football fans in late April? Where will stardom be found?  The Seattle Seahawks have taught us to never disregard those picks made in the [...]

2016 NFL Mock Draft Top Ten Picks

26 April, 2016

We are two days away from the beginning of the 2016 NFL Draft, so we at thought it would be fun to chime in with our own 2016 NFL Mock Draft.  We are nowhere near expert level at this mock draft stuff, so we’ll confine our predictions to the top ten only. Shall we? L.A. Rams pick Jared Goff, Quarterback, California. Philadelphia picks Carson Wentz, Quarterback, North Dakota State San Diego picks Jalen Ramsey, Free Safety, Florida State Dallas picks Laremy [...]

After the 2016 NFL Draft

04 May, 2016

The first pick in the 2016 NFL Draft was Jarod Goff of California.  The last pick, #253, was Kalan Reed of Southern Mississippi.  Two-hundred and fifty-three draft picks spread out over three days with varying degrees of success for thirty-two NFL teams. Now what? Now the teams will attempt to sign those draft picks.  Now the teams will hold a series of evaluations and mini-camps in an attempt to decide where the real talent lies and who is the best fit for their teams for the 2016 [...]