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NBA Trade Deadline Winners and Losers

28 February, 2017

The NBA Trade Deadline has come and gone, and teams are now left to make it all work, and fans are left to debate the trades and their value.  Make no mistake about it, trades are always a crapshoot during the best of times.  Will a newly acquired player mesh with the core you currently have? Will the loss of a player ruin the atmosphere of a team, or ruin the cohesiveness of that team? And what about down the road?  Is a trade now good for a team three years from now? These are things tea [...]

The DeMarcus Cousins Trade Analysis

21 February, 2017

The DeMarcus Cousins trade beat the NBA trade deadline, set for February 23rd at 3:00 p.m. E.T., and in the process shook up the NBA.  Heads are shaking as analysts try to understand what in the world the Kings were thinking in making this trade immediately after the end of the NBA All-Star Game. Let’s take a look at this trade and try to understand it better. New Orleans received DeMarcus Cousins, arguably the best big man in the NBA, and forward Omri Casspi.  The Kings received Buddy [...]

Recent NBA Retirements

27 September, 2016

It’s been quite a year for NBA retirements. First it was Kobe Bryant.  Then it was Tim Duncan.  Then Kevin Garnett announced he was hanging them up.  And now word has arrived that Paul Pierce will be leaving the NBA after this upcoming season, his nineteenth season and second with the Los Angeles Clippers. Pierce has always been the ultimate showman, quite comfortable in the limelight, more than willing to take the crucial shot when the game was on the line, so it seems only natural t [...]

NBA Board of Governors Recommend Kings Stay in Sacramento

30 April, 2013

NBA BOARD OF GOVERNORS RECOMMEND KINGS STAY IN SACRAMENTO In a stunning announcement, the NBA Board of Governors Relocation Committee recommended that the Kings should not be sold to a Seattle group headed by Chris Hansen and Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer. A vote of all NBA owners will not happen until May 13th, but all indications are that they will follow the Board’s recommendation. Elation was the emotion of the day in Sacramento.  The Mayor of Sacramento, former NBA great Kevin J [...]

6 Athlete Homes With MVP Pools

10 May, 2013

6 Athlete Homes With MVP Pools By: Neal J. Leitereg Via ( Chris Bosh's Pool In Pacific Palisades We all know that athletes like to splurge on the finer things in life. When you are paid to be a big-time baller, you can afford to live like an All-Star. Many sports elite opt for the bling, while others choose to go all-in on fancy cars. But for these six current and former professional athletes, investments in luxury translate to the ultimate pool party. Chris Bosh [...]

2013 NBA Draft and Player Relocation –

22 June, 2013

2013 NBA DRAFT AND PLAYER RELOCATION The NBA Finals are over and the Miami Heat are repeats Kings of the Hard Court. Now it’s time to turn our attention to the NBA Draft, scheduled for June 27th at the Barclays Center in New York. The Cleveland Cavaliers are sitting pretty with the Number One pick, and there seems to be quite a bit of debate over whom they will choose.  The consensus top ten selections are as follows: Alex Len, center, Maryland Ben McLemore, shooting guard, Kans [...]

Athlete Real Estate – Marketing Your Home to Professional Athletes and Celebrities

01 September, 2013

Athlete Real Estate - Marketing Your Home to Professional Athletes and Celebrities Athlete Real Estate, Celebrities and their requirements When price is not an issue, what then do professional athletes and celebrities look for in a home? Professional Athletes have a unique list of “needs” that they are concerned with when buying or leasing a home.  Unlike normal buyers, athletes must keep in mind the nature of their profession and what that means to their living arrangements.  Of co [...]

Professional Athlete Real Estate Buying vs Leasing

01 September, 2013

Professional Athlete Real Estate Buying vs Leasing:  WHICH IS BETTER? The single greatest investment the average American will make is the purchase of a home.  Professional Athlete Real Estate Buying vs Leasing. Not only is it a substantial financial investment, but it also carries with it an emotional attachment.  It is no wonder, then, that the decision to buy is one that is undertaken with the utmost of caution and yes, concern. There is no doubt that current interest rates make this [...]

LeBron James’ Return to Cleveland May Have Huge Economic Impact

14 July, 2014

One of the aspects of professional athlete relocation that many people do not consider is the economic impact that relocation will have on two cities, the city left behind and the new city.  Never has this been truer than in the case of LeBron James and his return to Cleveland. The sports world was rocked this past weekend with news that NBA All-Star LeBron James will be leaving Miami for his hometown of Cleveland, Ohio.  The shockwaves have just started and will be felt for years to co [...]

Seattle NBA Dreams Take Step Backwards

10 May, 2016

On May 2, by a 5-4 vote, the Seattle City Council voted against vacating a stretch of land near the Port of Seattle so that billionaire Chris Hansen could build a basketball arena there, frustrating Seattle NBA dreams once again. Since the Sonics were moved to Oklahoma City in 2008, it has been increasingly difficult for the city of Seattle to secure another NBA team, despite over forty years of successful NBA ownership.  The NBA has made it clear that talk about a new Seattle NBA franch [...]