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2017 MLB Trade Deadline is Confusing This Year

11 July, 2017

2017 MLB Trade Deadline is rapidly approaching, and this may well be the most confusing year yet. Why? Because of the two wildcard berths available for the playoffs, and because of the league balance, especially in the American League, very few teams are “out of it” as July comes to a close.  In fact, in the American League, the team with the worst record is still only 7 ½ games out of a playoff berth.  In the National League there are five teams which could be considered out of it, [...]

MLB Trades After Deadline

02 August, 2016

  The MLB trades deadline has come and gone, leaving baseball fans everywhere to ask:  what happens now in the world of trading? The MLB trades deadline does not, contrary to popular belief, signal the end of trades.  It simply moves teams to the next stage of trading called “trade waivers,” or “special waivers.” It goes like this: Starting August 1st each year, teams can put players on “special waivers.”  Any player who can possibly be traded can be put on waiver [...]

The Craziest Four Days in Professional Sports

19 July, 2016

Do you know what the craziest four days in professional sports are?  They are coming soon….July 27th through August 1st, which means we are eight days from hectic times in the professional sports world. So, what’s happening to lead us to make that statement? Starting on July 27th, thirty-two NFL teams will begin pre-season training camp in preparation for the upcoming 2016 NFL Season, and that means over three-thousand professional football players will begin the annual athlete reloca [...]

MLB Trade Deadline and Relocation

01 August, 2014

Just when it looked like no deals would be done, twelve came and went in rapid succession this summer, and now the MLB trade deadline is over for another year. This is a great opportunity to explain to you all how athlete relocation works during trade periods like this one.  The season is still underway, which means the athlete has some rather serious issues to contend with, and he must contend with those issues while playing the game.  So, how does this pro athlete relocation process o [...]

Athlete Relocation as MLB Trade Deadline Approaches

17 July, 2014

Athlete relocation is a reality for professional athletes from the moment they sign their first professional contract.  The contract is signed on the dotted line, and then ballplayers are shipped off to one of several minor league cities to improve their skills.  From there, if the baseball gods are smiling on them, they finally make it to the big leagues, but that doesn’t mean their relocation concerns are over, for there is always the possibility they will be traded, or they will move [...]

Four Days Remaining Before MLB Trade Deadline

28 July, 2015

The baseball world woke today to news that All-Star shortstop Troy Tulowitzi of the Colorado Rockies has been traded to the Toronto Blue Jays for Jose Reyes and several prospects, another huge trade as the MLB trade deadline grows ever-closer. That trade deadline happens this Friday, July 31st, and the remainder of this week should be interesting at the very least.  David Price is still on the board, as are several other all-star caliber hitters and pitchers, and teams like the Dodgers, [...]

Starting Pitchers to Watch as MLB Trade Deadline Approaches

01 July, 2015

The beginning of July is as good a time as any to start discussing, in earnest, possible trades that may occur before the MLB trade deadline of July 31st.  The divisional standings are beginning to take shape, and teams must decide, in the next week or so, whether they will be buyers or sellers during the late stages of the month of July. Teams can always use starting pitching. The old baseball axiom that good pitching will defeat good hitting is as true today as it was one-hundred years [...]

Who Will Be Buyers and Sellers at MLB Trade Deadline?

08 July, 2015

Three weeks to go before the MLB trade deadline!  Three weeks for teams to decide whether their seasons are a bust and they  are going to sell off players, or whether they still have a chance for the playoffs and they are going to buy up players. Looking at the standings right now, there are very few teams not named Philadelphia that are obvious busts.  Even the Seattle Mariners, picked by many to win it all but still languishing below .500, are only five games out of the Wild Card spo [...]

MLB Trade Deadline in Ten Days

22 July, 2015

Ten days to go before the MLB Trade Deadline, and if history is any indication that means there are nine days to go before any serious transaction will take place.  Still, the rumors are flying as major league teams make plans to buy, sell or just hold onto the cards they’ve been dealt. Where will David Price go?  How about Ben Zobrist?  Cole Hamels?  Justin Upton?  Is there someone out there interested in Jonathan Papelbon?  Alex Avila?  A.J. Pierzynski? When will the Philade [...]