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Carlos Beltran Retires At 40

15 November, 2017

Carlos Beltran is retiring, twenty years after lacing up his shoes for his first Major League game, and one month after being a part of his first World Series Championship with the Houston Astros. We salute Carlos Beltran! Twenty years playing a sport at the top of the game, playing it with honor, and still being productive at an age when many athletes are years into retirement. Truly remarkable! And now Carlos Beltran will join the thousands of other retired professional athletes as [...]

Professional Athletes Face Unique Financial Realities

26 September, 2017

Professional athletes face a unique set of financial realities and problems, unlike any we “normal” people face. No, this is not a bleeding heart tale of a professional athlete who lost his wealth through mismanagement.  This is simply an attempt to help laymen to understand the unique set of circumstances facing a professional athlete who suddenly receives wealth. The first thing to understand is that almost all professionals are out of sports by the time they are thirty.  If they l [...]

Athlete Relocation When Playing Days are Over

08 December, 2015

Athlete relocation when playing days are over is a subject not often talked about, and when it is discussed it is usually with regards to the actual physical relocation to another city….but….there is another relocation that happens to athletes once they have netted their last jump shot or scored their last touchdown…namely relocating into another lifestyle. has teamed with active and retired professional athletes in an effort to help athletes with this transitio [...]

Financial Considerations for Retiring Professional Athletes

09 March, 2016

  We have all read the stories and we have all found them hard to believe….famous professional athlete files for bankruptcy five years after retiring.  How is that possible, we ask? How can an athlete make tens-of-millions of dollars, even hundred-of-millions, and be broke so quickly?  Where is their financial security? Professional athletes live in rarified air, air most of us will never breathe and consequently we will never understand the pitfalls that await an athlete who [...]