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More On Vehicle Transport For Professional Athletes & Entertainers

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March 13, 2012   |  

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More On Vehicle Transport

A couple days ago we wrote an article about vehicle transport; it was so well-received that we thought a follow-up was in order to answer other questions that filtered in since the first article was posted.

We at are all about customer satisfaction.  Do you really believe we would stay in business long if we did not keep our exclusive clientele happy?  There are quite a few businesses that would love to have professional athletes and celebrities as customers; believe me, the competition is fierce when it comes to providing services to these elite customers.  So when we tell you that we will give personal attention to the transportation of your vehicle you can bet that we will do exactly that.

Now to those questions!

1)      Why are there so many different quotes?  There are quotes all over the board when I start calling around… Simply because our economic system is a free enterprise system, and pricing is based on many factors plus many companies will always try to lowball in price.  Please beware, though, that oftentimes lowballing a price means that not all services are being offered and not all promises are being kept.  Our pricing is based on a realistic estimate and it meets the realistic quotes being given by reputable transport companies.  We do not try to lowball nor do we try to highball; we simply try to be realistic and competitive.

2)      There are so many companies to choose from; how do I choose?….When push comes to shove it is always best to go with experience and reputation.  Listen, we are being trusted by some of the most famous people in sports and entertainment with vehicles that cost hundreds of thousands of dollars.  How could we possibly get their return business if we were not discreet and fair? We are available seven days per week and we tailor our service to your needs.

3)      Why is different from the rest? First, we are independently owned and operated so you are not working with some huge, impersonal corporation.  Second we are trusted by some of the most famous people in the country if not the world.  That kind of trust only comes from reputation and performance.  Third we just plain work harder than the others.

Hopefully this follow-up will help clarify any remaining doubts or questions you might have about vehicle transport.  Give us a call for any relocation needs.® assists players/coaches of the NBA, WNBA, NFL, MLB, NHL, and Entertainers relocate nationwide by servicing your Real Estate & Relocation needs. is a licensed real estate brokerage in Las Vegas, NV, Marina Del Rey, CA & Beverly Hills, CA.

The Sports Relocation team is waiting to hear from you. Our primary goal is to assist you with all of the challenges related to transitioning into your new home. Visit us at or call us at 800-783-1421

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