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The Cost of Auto Transport

11 February, 2016

One of the most common of tasks we are called upon to perform for clients who are facing relocation is the transporting of their vehicles, and usually the first question they ask is what is the cost of auto transport? There are many factors that go into determining the cost of auto transport.  Let’s take a look at a few. SIZE:  The size of your vehicle can be a factor for many auto transport companies.  Over-sized vehicles like large SUVs or Hummers can be more expensive to haul b [...]

More On Vehicle Transport For Professional Athletes & Entertainers

13 March, 2012

More On Vehicle Transport A couple days ago we wrote an article about vehicle transport; it was so well-received that we thought a follow-up was in order to answer other questions that filtered in since the first article was posted. We at are all about customer satisfaction.  Do you really believe we would stay in business long if we did not keep our exclusive clientele happy?  There are quite a few businesses that would love to have professional athletes and celebritie [...] – The ABCs of Auto Transport – Vehicle Transporting Services for Athletes

27 September, 2011

The ABCs of Auto Transport There is no doubt about it: relocation is a time of stress for most people.  Consider for a moment that most people will relocate within 25 miles of where they currently live.  Stressful for sure; unsettling for sure; doable for sure. Now consider that professional athletes and entertainers move thousands of miles when relocation becomes necessarily.  The stress magnifies considerably when a relocation of that distance is undertaken and it is only natural that fe [...]