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Relocation Professionals Network

12 September, 2017

Relocation professionals network . . . that’s what you get when you sign on with Sports Relocation, Inc. We are not one man serving the needs of many.  We are many professionals serving the needs of each customer, and that makes all the difference when it comes time for you to relocate to a new city. Our President and CEO, Ikem Chukumerije, sums it up perfectly: “We understand the importance of your relocation.  We know it is a stressful time, and we know it is unsettling.  Our j [...]

Relocation Checklist Realities

29 August, 2017

Relocation checklist realities must be taken into consideration at all times if you have a job which might require sudden transfers or relocation.  Worst case scenario, you are a professional athlete facing player relocation who has just been traded and who must report to a new team in two days.  Best case scenario you have a couple weeks to complete the relocation. Let’s take a look at a very realistic scenario. You get a call.  You must relocate to another city.  Your relocation ch [...]

Understanding Player Relocation Hardships

08 August, 2017

Understanding player relocation hardships only requires a look at Edwin Jackson, current starting pitcher for the Washington Nationals.  Jackson holds the record among active MLB players for being traded twelve times during his fourteen year MLB career.  Let’s take a quick look at this much-traveled player: 2001 drafted by Los Angeles Dodgers 2003 makes his MLB debut with Dodgers 2006 traded to Tampa Bay 2008 traded to Detroit 2009 traded to Arizona 2010 traded to the Whi [...]

Player Relocation Means Hectic and Confusing Upheaval

25 July, 2017

Player relocation, as in the case of recently-traded David Phelps, can be, and usually is, a whirlwind of confusion. Phelps, a reliever for the Florida Marlins, was recently traded to the Seattle Mariners, who were looking for bullpen help.  Here’s how it all went down. As the trade deadline of July 31st approached, the trade rumors heated up.  Rumors were circulating that Phelps was going to be traded, and the team supposedly interested was the Seattle Mariners.  One of Phelps closes [...]

Player Relocation Merry Go Round

27 June, 2017

Player relocation merry-go-round goes round and round, and where it stops, nobody knows. A silly little play on words based on the famous children’s song, but also a very clear and accurate look at the world of professional athletes. The NBA Draft was conducted last week.  The week before that, the MLB AmateurDraft was held, and in a little over one month the MLB will have their trade deadline and the NFL teams will begin their camps and tryouts. What do all these things have in common? [...]

Relocation Assistance

22 November, 2016

Relocation assistance is really all about advocacy, and advocacy is all about action.  Allow us to explain. When you find yourself in a relocation situation, and you determine that you are in need of relocation assistance, you reach out and find the best relocation experts available. Their job, then, is to assist you in any facet of relocation that you deem necessary. They then take action on your behalf and for your cause.  They are your supporter and their sole purpose is to make sure you [...]

Psychological Stress of Relocation

08 November, 2016

Stress of Relocation . . . Make no mistake about it, there are very real psychological stress of relocation associated with pulling up stakes and moving to a new home.  In survey after survey stress in daily life, relocation, or moving, is always in the Top Five of stress-producers. Whether you are a frequent mover, or you rarely move at all, the process of relocation is a psychological experience as well as an emotional one.  These emotional feelings, the stress of relocation, are usual ti [...]

Athlete Relocation at Fever Pitch in July

12 July, 2016

If we were asked what is the busiest time of year for athlete relocation, chances are we would answer July.  Note we did not say the busiest time for professional sports because that would most likely be October when all four major professional leagues are playing; but if we are talking about actual relocation of athletes or the possibility of relocation, July probably wins hands-down. Why?  Just look at what is happening in July, 2016. NBA free agency is now into its second week. Fo [...]

A Complete Package of Sports Relocation Services

14 June, 2016

A complete package of sports relocation services….that’s what the title says and that’s what offers. But what does that mean? Ikem Chukumerije is the CEO of and a man known by many professional athletes and entertainers. For over a decade he has worked hard to perfect the complete package of sports relocation and athlete relocation services.  He will tell you that the complete package of sports relocation services means all the necessary [...]

Athlete Relocation – NFL Teams Trim Rosters to 53 Players

01 September, 2013

Athlete Relocation - NFL Teams Trim Rosters to 53 Players 32 NFL teams made their final cuts recently, trimming their rosters to an Opening Day number of 53 players.  That means at least twenty players on each team were cut, 53 players now know where they will be playing this season, and athlete relocation begins for a great many players. When professional athlete relocation occurs the pros at Sports Relocation spring into action.  It is our job to make sure that athletes settle into their [...]