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Relocation Checklist Realities

29 August, 2017

Relocation checklist realities must be taken into consideration at all times if you have a job which might require sudden transfers or relocation.  Worst case scenario, you are a professional athlete facing player relocation who has just been traded and who must report to a new team in two days.  Best case scenario you have a couple weeks to complete the relocation. Let’s take a look at a very realistic scenario. You get a call.  You must relocate to another city.  Your relocation ch [...]

A Relocation Expense Checklist

31 January, 2017

A relocation expense checklist will not only help you when it comes time to computing your taxes, but it will also help you prepare for unseen expenses when your next relocation occurs.  Athlete relocation hidden costs must be known for maximum future benefits. Whether your next relocation is across town or across the country, there are certain expenses which cannot be avoided, and goodness gracious, they can be expensive.  Even the simplest of relocations, from one side of a city to the ot [...]

Athlete Relocation New Year’s Resolutions

27 December, 2016

Athlete Relocation is not a happy topic, but it also does not have to be a horror story.  That’s why we have compiled a quick list of athlete relocation New Year’s Resolutions which will help to downgrade the stress associated with any relocation. Consider this: the average professional athlete will change teams four times during their career.  In other words, athlete relocation is not a “if it happens” scenario but rather a “when it happens” scenario, and it is much easier on t [...]

Relocation Mistakes to Avoid

29 November, 2016

Relocation mistakes to avoid, a phrase, by itself, that raises the blood pressure and makes the average human being break out in a cold sweat. Why? Because relocation is a stressful time for most people, and it is a safe bet that most people have horror stories they can share regarding a relocation effort that did not, shall we say, go according to plan, and the psychological stress of relocation that followed.  Not only is the mere act of relocation stressful, but the opportunity for “ [...]

How to Avoid Relocation Stress

18 October, 2016

Relocation stress is real.  We all feel it in different ways and at different levels, but the reality is, still, that we all feel it and it does have an effect on all of us. Relocation stress does not, however, have to be paralyzing.  There are ways to deal with it, lessen it, and help you get through it during your relocation.  Check out these suggestions: When possible, provide adequate time for planning and executing your relocation move. Organize, organize, and organize some mo [...]

The Pros and Cons of Buying vs Renting a Home – Athlete Edition @SportRelocation

23 May, 2013

THE PROS AND CONS OF BUYING VS RENTING A HOME The current 30-year fixed interest rate on a home mortgage is hovering around the 3.50% figure.  Meanwhile, rents in many major urban areas are skyrocketing due to the always-present laws of supply and demand. Which is better, buying a home or renting?  As the nation slowly recovers from the housing decline of the past few years, many seeking a residence are diving into home ownership more quickly than they had planned, while others remain on [...]

Questions to Ask When Hiring Auto Transport Company

13 October, 2015

A professional athlete knows that sooner or later relocation will happen.  Either you get traded and it’s a long-term athlete relocation, or you just go to training camp for a short-term relocation.  Relocation happens! And that means moving goods, possessions and often, your vehicles. And let’s face it, your vehicles are like your children.  They are precious to you, right?  That 1969 Camaro…..1980 Porsche Targa…..1990 Lamborghini….you want them transported in the best p [...]

How to Avoid Problems with Moving Companies

19 November, 2015

We were recently asked that question, how to avoid problems with moving companies….what steps should a homeowner take to make sure the moving company they hire is reputable and reliable? It’s an important question.  If you have ever had problems during relocation, or you know someone who has, then you know what a nightmare it can be.  Damaged furniture, hidden costs, unreasonable fees, late pick-up, late delivery, the list of potential problems is seemingly endless, and each one of [...]

How to Choose Your Perfect Neighborhood

02 February, 2016

If buying a home is the single most important financial decision you will make, and it is, then choosing your perfect neighborhood comes in a very close second.  Can you imagine making a huge financial investment only to find the investment is in a neighborhood that does not meet all of your needs? So, how do you find the perfect neighborhood? You and your real estate agent do some sleuthing! The first step is to write down what your perfect neighborhood looks like.  What are you [...] Tip of the Day: Athlete Relocation

27 July, 2011 Tip of the Day! Research….Research….Research!  What are the schools like in your new city? Best places to shop? Best hair stylist? Sports facilities? Youth programs? Day care centers? A good relocation expert will do most of this for you if you ask this to be part of the service.  Why go through the headaches if there is a pro who does this for a living? [...]