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The Craziest Four Days in Professional Sports

19 July, 2016

Do you know what the craziest four days in professional sports are?  They are coming soon….July 27th through August 1st, which means we are eight days from hectic times in the professional sports world. So, what’s happening to lead us to make that statement? Starting on July 27th, thirty-two NFL teams will begin pre-season training camp in preparation for the upcoming 2016 NFL Season, and that means over three-thousand professional football players will begin the annual athlete reloca [...]

Athlete Relocation Takes No Vacation

28 June, 2016

The NBA Draft has come and gone, as has the MLB Draft, two events which point to the fact that athlete relocation takes no vacation. It is a statement of fact.  If you are a professional athlete, you are seemingly constantly on the move.  Let’s take right now for an example.  Here we are, the last few days of June, and what is happening?  New draftees in the NBA and MLB are now reporting to their new teams.  NFL players are preparing for summer training camp.  Baseball players are [...]

What is a Realtor Network?

21 June, 2016

If you glance at the different tabs on our website, you’ll notice one tab that is labeled “REALTOR NETWORK,” and if you click on that tab you’ll be taken to a form to fill out if you wish to join our national referral network; you might be curious and ask what is a realtor network? Now that may not seem too terribly important at first glance; after all, you are busy people with careers, and all you are interested in doing is finding out the particulars about r [...]

Preparing for Retirement from Professional Sports

18 May, 2016

The day will come when retirement from professional sports is a reality for all professional athletes and preparing for retirement from professional sports a priority. That day may be tomorrow.  It maybe be six months from now, or six years from now, but the clock is ticking and the inevitable will be here sooner than you think possible. The human body can only perform at the highest level of professionalism for a limited number of years, and when the day comes when the body can no lo [...]

Tom Brady and wife Gisele Bundchen Put Brentwood Mansion on the Market for $50M

19 March, 2014

TOM BRADY AND WIFE PUT LOS ANGELES MANSION ON THE MARKET  If you have a cool $50 million sitting around, do we have the home for you. Sports Relocation .com recently learned that star quarterback Tom Brady and his wife, Gisele Bundchen, are selling their exclusive mansion in Brentwood after one year of residence. The couple spent four years and $40 million building their Los Angeles dream home which includes 14,000 square feet, an infinity pool, a waterfall, a pond, a shallow moat that s [...]

Short Term Housing Solutions for Athlete Relocation

08 October, 2015

Let’s run you through a typical scenario that happens for most professional athletes who face athlete relocation. The coach calls you, tells you to step into his office and informs you that you’ve been traded.  You need to report to your new team located 1,500 miles away, and you need to report within twenty-four hours.  And, by the way, you have a spouse and two little children. If you are a professional athlete then you are nodding your hear right now.  This literally happens [...]

The ABCs of Athlete Relocation I-R

22 October, 2015

Here are a few more reasons why you should go with the next time you face athlete relocation. I… for Insider Knowledge.  No, not the kind that can get you in trouble with the Securities Exchange Commission, but the kind of insider knowledge that will find you the best homes, the best auto transport and the best discreet service in all aspects of relocation. J… for Journey. We at are with you every step of your new relocation journe [...]

The ABCs of Athlete Relocation S-Z

27 October, 2015

Are you still looking for reasons to contract with for your next athlete relocation?  Well let’s finish the ABCs of reasons why we are the best in the athlete relocation business. S… for Superb customer service, or it could be for Service, or you could combine the two and it stands for, the leaders in this industry.  Go with the best and you get the best. T… for Teamwork.  We act with our customers as a team acts, coordinating [...]

Relocation Agency Affiliated in All Fifty States

29 October, 2015

Perhaps you have noticed on our website that we make the claim to be a relocation agency affiliated in all 50 states, but do you realize the importance of that fact with regards to your next relocation? Moving to a new city can be unsettling at best.  Where are the best neighborhoods that fit your needs and lifestyle?  What are the best schools?  The best hospitals?  The best services?  The best entertainment?  Cities like New York, Atlanta, Chicago, and Los Angeles are so large as [...]

What Do You Want in an Athlete Relocation Agent

10 November, 2015

What do you want in an athlete relocation agent? Poll a professional athlete that question and you are liable to hear words like discretion, professionalism, connected, knowledgeable and experienced, and all are important and all are good answers. We would like to add one more answer to that question:  self-driven!  An athlete relocation agent, if they are good, is always trying to improve his/her performance.  They are always learning more, expanding more and by doing so they are c [...]