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2017 NFL Draft in Two Weeks

19 April, 2017

2017 NFL Draft is rapidly approaching, a fact every single NFL executive is keenly aware of.  April 27-29 are the dates for the annual selection of college athletes, and the great shuffle of players which occurs every year immediately after the Draft. Who do the experts think will be picked in the opening round? If history is any indication, one would be just as accurate predicting by tossing a dart at a list of college athletes, but that won’t prevent us here at Sports Relocation, Inc. [...]

The Las Vegas Raiders Impact

11 April, 2017

Las Vegas Raiders impact . . . what was it? The stories of team relocations hit the news with the impact of a crashing meteor, and they dominate the news cycle for several days or weeks, but after all the excitement has died down, what really is the impact of a professional sports team relocating?  How will Las Vegas change as a result of the Oakland Raiders moving to that town? For that matter, how will Oakland change as the result of losing a pro sports franchise Oakland Raiders? Intere [...]

Oakland Raiders Moving to Las Vegas

04 April, 2017

Oakland Raiders moving to Las Vegas, if announced five years ago, would have sent shockwaves throughout the NFL world. Today, in the year 2017, it barely caused a ripple of reaction.  It would appear the NFL season never ends. NFL owners voted 31-1 at the Annual NFL Owners meeting to approve the Raiders relocation to Las Vegas. The lone dissenting vote was by Dolphins owner Stephen Ross, who cautioned the NFL to consider its legacy in local markets and to give some thought to the loyal fans [...]

2017 NFL Draft

21 March, 2017

The 2017 NFL Draft is right around the corner, April 27-29, and we are here to give you a quick summary of what to expect. This will be the 82nd annual Draft for the National Football League, and this year it is being held in the Philadelphia Museum of Art, the first time the draft has been held in the City of Brotherly Love since 1961.  Interestingly, this will be the first time an entire NFL Draft is held outside as this year’s festivities will be announced from a portable theater built [...]

NFL Season Never Ends

07 February, 2017

The NFL season never ends.  You can take that statement to the bank. Yes, the Super Bowl has ended, and we say congratulations to the New England Patriots, but that in no way means the NFL shuts down and takes a break.  To illustrate that point, take a look at a few of the important dates coming up in the NFL schedule. February 6th . . . the Waiver System begins. February 11th NFL Regional Combines begin February 15th . . . 1st day to designation Franchise Players February 18th [...]

NFL Draft Order 2017

03 January, 2017

NFL Draft order for 2017 has been determined now that the regular season has ended, and the Number One pick overall will go to the Cleveland Browns.  The Browns narrowly beat out the San Francisco 49ers for the top pick in the NFL draft order. The rest of the draft order in the first round will go like this: #3 Chicago #4 Jacksonville #5 Tennessee #6 New York Jets #7 San Diego #8 Carolina Panthers #9 Cincinnati #10 Buffalo #11 New Orleans #12 Cleveland #13 Arizona #14 Indianapolis #15 Phi [...]

NFL Injury Reports

01 November, 2016

NFL injury reports come out each week on the Friday before a Sunday game, and lately those reports have been quite interesting. Just this last week, fifty-nine players were listed on the NFL injury reports as “out” of that Sunday’s game, and another twenty-two were listed as “questionable.”  One team, the Seattle Seahawks, had seven starters out for the game against New Orleans.  Read that again . . . seven starters! What’s up with all these injuries of late?  Is the NFL [...]

NFL Injuries Week Two

20 September, 2016

It wouldn’t be an NFL season without some significant NFL injuries, and Week Two provided quite a few more than general managers are comfortable with.  Among the most notable NFL injuries during Week Two of the season were these: Jimmy Garoppolo, QB, New England Patriots, shoulder Adrian Peterson, RB, Minnesota Vikings, torn meniscus. Danny Woodhead, RB, San Diego Chargers, torn ACL Josh McCown, QB, Cleveland Browns, shoulder Doug Martin, RB, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, hamstring [...]

A New NFL Season Begins

06 September, 2016

The new NFL season kicks off September 8th, this coming Thursday, with a repeat of last year’s Super Bowl, the Denver Broncos vs the Carolina Panthers.  The fifty-three man rosters are set; the eight man practice squads are set; now what happens? Well one thing we know for sure is the jockeying for talent does not stop with the beginning of the regular season.  Each NFL team, in the last week, dropped twenty-five players.  Multiply that times 32 teams and you have a very large pool of pl [...]

The 2016 NFL Season Begins

10 August, 2016

The 2016 NFL season begins in earnest tomorrow, Thursday, August 11th, when six preseason games commence. Teams are tired of pounding on each other in practice, and tomorrow gives them an opportunity to take out a little aggression on someone in a different uniform. Another full schedule of preseason games will begin on August 18th, and another on the 25th, and still another on September 1st, and then the real thing begins September 8th with the meeting of Carolina and Denver. Sixty-four pres [...]