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Financial Preparations for Life After Sports

17 October, 2017

Financial preparations for life after your playing days are over can be a daunting and yes, frightening, topic of discussion.  Not a single professional player that I know really wants to accept the inevitable, that his or her playing days could end tomorrow, but that is the reality all athletes face.  We were reminded of that fact this past Sunday when another pro football player sustained a career-ending injury, and several others were knocked out for the remainder of the season, including A [...]

Real Estate as an Investment in 2017

09 May, 2017

Real Estate as an investment in 2017 is a great option, but the old saying “location, location, location,” still stands true this year. A typical scenario we see all the time at Sports Relocation, Inc., is the athlete who signs a new contract. Signing that contract means more money, and more money means thoughts of investment.  Let’s face it, the average playing lifespan of a professional athlete is only seven years, seven out of seventy or eighty for the entire life, so it is importan [...]

The Top Ten Hot U.S. Real Estate Markets

14 March, 2017

The Top Ten Hot U.S. Real Estate Markets are hot because of one overriding truth in the real estate business today:  supply has never been so low in the U.S. market.  Even during the traditionally slow months of January and February, demand is up simply because there is an increasing scarcity of homes for sale. And if that is true now, as winter comes to an end, what will it mean as spring and summer approach, the traditionally hot times in the real estate world? Toss in the fact that bu [...]

Athlete Relocation and Real Estate Investment: A Natural Team

01 June, 2016

Why are athlete relocation and real estate investment a natural team? Think about it! Every professional athlete comes from some city, his/her home city, the place where they live, where they were born, where they have settled down….and….every professional athlete plays his/her sport in another major city for his/her team.  During the season those athletes spend four, five or six months in the home team city, and six, seven or eight months in their regular city of residence. Fe [...]

It’s a Great Time to Invest in Real Estate

24 May, 2016

We know, it’s always a great time to invest in real estate, right? People always say that, especially those in the real estate business.  They were even saying that during the recession in 2008. But the thing is, it’s true! Now is a great time to invest in real estate. The same recession that had us all shaking our heads two years ago has given investors some wonderful opportunities, and anyone serious about making a solid investment simply must take a look at real estate. H [...]

Bad Investments By Star Athletes

07 October, 2011

In today's world of corporate bailouts, economic backpedaling and political bickering, we still find the money to pay our star athletes more than modest fortunes for their fame and glory on the field. Many star athletes are able to build and maintain their wealth through savings and investments, but not all who cash big checks are successful with their money management. The 15 star athletes on this list all have one thing in common: They lost a small fortune seemingly overnight to bad investme [...]