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Biggest Mistake when Buying Luxury Real Estate

16 October, 2014

What is the greatest mistake that athletes and celebrities make when buying luxury real estate? That rather astute question was recently asked of us here at, and it’s a really good question. Do you know the right answer? Is it buying in the wrong location?  Or is it not exercising due diligence when buying?  Or possibly it is paying too much for the property? All of those choices are partially correct.  Wrap them all together and you have the correct ans [...]

Why is Athlete Relocation So Difficult?

21 October, 2014 has been in the athlete relocation business for over ten years now, and we have seen the frustration of our clients. We have seen the concern and the uncertainty when the stop by our office and tell us they have just been traded and they don’t know where to start with the relocation process.  There is so much to do.  There are so many details to look after. Why is athlete relocation so difficult?  Because of the uncertainty of it all!  Relocation is a major uphe [...]

When Athlete Relocation Causes Stress

22 October, 2014

We have all seen it on television.  A player is traded, we read about it in the news, and then we see the new conference with the new team.  The player puts on a brave face, states how happy he is with the trade, and promises to give his all to help his new team win.  The scene is full of smiles and handshakes. At we know that athlete relocation is not all smiles and handshakes.  What you do not see, behind the scenes, is the stress that is present.  We don’t see t [...]

Luxury Real Estate Mortgages

23 October, 2014

A question we at are asked from time to time is regarding mortgages on luxury real estate.  Is it better to pay cash or to apply for a large mortgage? It may surprise some of you to learn that the majority of luxury real estate purchases involve a mortgage.  Only about 30% of professional athletes, entertainers, and executives pay cash for luxury real estate. There is no pat answer for the question.  It depends on the market at the time of the purchase, as well [...]

Top 5 Questions to Ask About Auto Transport

28 October, 2014

What should one look for in a good auto transport company? Last week at we received a phone call from a client who had just been traded, and he was in need of an auto transport company to ship his vehicle from Point A to Point B, a distance of 2,000 miles.  Let us tell you the first answer we gave our client, and then we’ll give you the second answer, the one he finally chose. Important factors in choosing an auto transport company include: Reputation…..wh [...]

Luxury Real Estate Market Report

29 October, 2014

There was an article in the L.A. Times Real Estate section lately about home sales being flat in the Los Angeles area, according to the Case-Shiller Index.  Sales also fell in the San Francisco and San Diego areas as well. After that article appeared we received a couple phone calls to our office, asking us how this affects sales of luxury real estate.  It is an interesting question and one we’d like to briefly address today. Luxury real estate is, in many ways, a different situati [...]

Best States for Luxury Real Estate Property Taxes

30 October, 2014

The Tax Foundation recently listed the top ten states for property taxes, and we at found it interesting so we thought we would share it with you. The states are listed along with the percentage of home value paid for property taxes in each state. Louisiana  18% Hawaii       26% Alabama  33% Delaware 43% Virg. 0.49% Carolina 0.50% Arkansas 52% Mississ 52% Mex 0.55% Wyoming 58% The ten worst states for property taxes were:  New Jersey, [...]

Luxury Real Estate and Market Trends

23 September, 2014

Market statistics were just released for July, 2014, and it seems that existing-home sales declined 1.8%, which ended four consecutive monthly gains.  The slowing and slight decline is being attributed to a drop-off by investors who have backed off a bit due to higher prices. We at received several calls shortly after this information was released.  Clients wanted to know what this meant for them and their future should they face athlete relocation anytime soon. The [...]

Real Estate Values

22 September, 2014

In a recent survey, home buyers were asked to list the skills and qualities in a real estate agent that they valued.  Let’s take a look at that list, seen here from most important down to least important. Honesty and integrity Knowledge of purchase process Responsiveness Knowledge of real estate market Communication skills Negotiation skills People skills Technology skills Note that, since all of these were mentioned in a survey of thousands, that all are indeed impor [...]

Preparing for Athlete Relocation

28 August, 2014

For most people, relocation is a gradual event.  They know weeks or even months in advance that relocation is going to happen, so they have time to prepare for it, thus eliminating much of the stress. Not so for professional athlete relocation.  In many instances, a professional athlete literally has twenty-four hours to relocate to another city thousands of miles away.  There is barely enough time to arrange for a flight, let alone taking care of real estate considerations and arrangi [...]