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Athlete Relocation Considerations

27 August, 2014

Consider a typical scenario in the professional sports world.  A player is called into the coach’s office and told they have twenty-four hours to report to a new team in a new city one-thousand miles away.  This just happened to one of our clients at, and one of the first questions they asked us is should they buy a new home in the new city, or should they remain in their current home and lease in the new city? Not an easy question, and it is a question that needs [...]

Avoid Hasty Decisions During Athlete Relocation

26 September, 2014

We’ve seen it happen before, and chances are we’ll see it happen again. A professional athlete faces immediate athlete relocation.  Whether it be via trade, or signing a free agent contract, the athlete has twenty-four hours to travel to the new team city.  A sense of urgency sets in, and suddenly it feels as though everything has to be done immediately. What to do about the existing home? What to do about short-term housing in the new city? What about financial considerations, and d [...]

Never Rush Luxury Real Estate Purchase

30 September, 2014

It was with great interest that we read about Jay Z and Beyonce testing a few luxury homes in the Los Angeles area.  First they stayed in a full-furnished contemporary in Holmby Hills, and then they visited several times a $85 million mansion in Beverly Hills. Quite often, we at will receive a call from a professional athlete client saying they are in a hurry to find a home to buy and can we help them. Of course we can help them, we say, but we also advise that th [...]

Athlete Relocation Most Asked Question

01 October, 2014

Would you like to know the most often-asked question we receive at  It is also the first question any athlete should ask when looking for a athlete relocation expert. Why should I hire you to handle my relocation? That’s what it all boils down to, isn’t it?  Why is the relocation expert you should hire? So, you ask, what is the answer? We could tell you it is because we have a reputation for discretion, because we do. We could t [...]

Athlete Relocation for Rookies

02 October, 2014

The staff of was sitting around discussing business the other day, and our newest member asked a question that deserves its own blog post.  She asked: Is the athlete relocation process different for rookies than it is for veterans? Great question!  One would think so, right?  Relocation is relocation, right?  You move to a new city, you transport your vehicle and belongings, you find a place to live.  Why would it be different for rookies? The fact is that [...]

Understanding the Luxury Real Estate Market

07 October, 2014

There are some things about real estate prices that are fairly easy to understand.  The law of Supply and Demand is not terribly difficult.  If a large number of people are interested in luxury real estate, and there is a limited amount of luxury real estate for sale, then the price will rise. Similarly, if there is a great amount of luxury real estate available, and few potential buyers, the prices will generally drop. But what about outside factors that may affect prices and sales?  T [...]

The Short-Term Relocation Experts

08 October, 2014

With the baseball playoffs still happening, this might be a strange time to discuss Spring Training, but bear with us a moment. At, we get requests and questions all the time about athlete relocation, from mundane questions to important questions, about short-term relocation and long-term relocation. We recently had a client, who we have worked with now for over five years, ask about the availability of properties to lease during Spring Training 2015 in the Tempe, Arizona [...]

Luxury Vacation Rental Services

09 October, 2014

We recently received a call from a professional athlete looking to lease a vacation home in Las Vegas for a week. They were wondering if we knew of anything available, and of course we said yes and arranged for them to lease some beautiful luxury real estate for their stay there. takes care of short-term relocation and long-term relocation.  The key word is relocation.  We established, over the past ten years, a network of professional athletes and celebrities, so our f [...]

Leasing Luxury Real Estate

14 October, 2014

“Can you find me some luxury real estate to lease in the Scottsdale, Arizona area?” These are questions we hear quite often at  Why? Because we are in the athlete relocation business, and our clients are on the move often. So, the quick answer to that question, is yes.  We are licensed in five states and affiliated in all fifty states, but more importantly, we have a database of clients because of our ten years in the athlete relocation and luxury real estat [...]

Short Term Leasing in Palm Springs

15 October, 2014

For most major league baseball players, the season is over and it is time to relax.  Some love to head to busy resorts and partake in the glamour; some like seclusion in an exclusive area; and still some like a little of both worlds.  For those who fall in the last category, we at have one suggestion:  Palm Springs. Palm Springs has been a playground for the rich and famous since the 1920s, and nearly 100 years later it is still a great destination for those who wa [...]