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Please type the letters/numbers in the image above: – Pessimism Increases As NFL Lockout Continues

27 May, 2011

here are several new developments on the labor/management front regarding the NFL lockout and none of them are encouraging. The lockout is now ten weeks old and Commissioner Roger Goodell has noticed that fans are beginning to turn away from the NFL in a show of frustration over the stalled labor talks.  Goodell has noted that tv ratings for the NFL draft were down, visits to are down, and ticket sales are down as fans start to consider life without pro football this Fall. Hearings a [...] – The Top Ten 2011 NFL Draft Picks; Newest Millionaires

28 April, 2011

First Round Picks Prepare For New Lifestyle Cam Newton NFL Draft April 28th is finally here and that means the first round of the NFL Draft is underway.  As you well know, first round picks can look forward to guaranteed contracts and signing bonuses in the millions meaning a considerable change in lifestyle for those chosen in the first round. This is one of the more interesting drafts in recent memory.  Free agency has been put on hold because of the labor dispute, s [...] – First Round of the 2011 NFL Draft Concludes

29 April, 2011

Stars of the Future Prepare For Relocation In the words of the ancient Greek playwright Aristophanes, “A man’s homeland is wherever he prospers.”  Now that the first round of the NFL Draft has concluded, thirty-two young men now have a new home in which to prosper.  Yesterday we listed the first ten picks in the 2011 draft; today let’s take a look at picks 11-32. #11: J.J. Watt, DE, Wisconsin, goes to the Houston Texans #12: Christian Ponder, QB, Florida St. goes to the Minnesota Vik [...]